Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Hair Appointment

There are some things that most hair stylists wish you knew. Here are some things to take into consideration before you go to your next hair appointment. These things are not always common knowledge and you are not expected to know these things however they will make your hair stylists job much easier. He or she will appreciate it and it also enables them to do a better job on your hair so you will also benefit.

Bring in magazine clippings or pictures:

I’m not sure why this is but many people believe that if you bring in pictures or magazine clippings depicting the exact hair style they want it will somehow offend the hair stylist. This is very far from the truth. Most hair stylists love it when the customer brings in pictures and the more the better. It helps them get a better idea of what you want, in this case pictures do say a thousand words. They can also let you know if the hairstyle is even possible because sometimes you may want a particular cut that may not be flattering or work with your hair type.

Please don’t use your cell phone 

While getting a haircut please don’t use a cell phone. While you are either talking on the phone or hunched over texting someone it makes it extra difficult to give you a precise and even cut.

If you don’t like something speak up 
Have you ever sat in the chair and watched the hair stylist start cutting your hair all wrong. You need to speak up and the sooner the better. Hair stylists are not mind readers. They want you to be happy so that you will come back and tell your friends and family to come in for their haircuts as well. If you are not happy please don’t wait till the last minute to say so and even if your haircut did not come out the way you had hoped you can still say something it will help the hair stylist get to know what you like and don’t like. They do remember.

Keep it up 

After your haircut don’t be shy to ask your stylist how they did what they did and what products they used. The way he or she styled your hair isn’t top secret and nobody minds giving you tips so that you can maintain it. You shouldn’t feel obligated to purchase the products that the salon carries either.


Not bringing the kids

This one is a touchy subject, and can offend some people. Some people honestly do have children who will sit or play quietly during you hair service, and some don’t. Kids will be kids, and it’s not up to your stylist, their staff or other patrons to watch your children. There are many things in a salon that children can get into and be hurt with. If you need to be reprimanding them, you are not able to hold still and communicate with your stylist.


Tip etiquette 

Keep in mind that the majority of this industry only receives commission & gratuity for the work they do and also do not receive benefits, sick time, vacation, or retirement.. In addition they need to have a license that must be continually renewed to perform any services, 15-20% seems fair, but do what you feel is fair too. There are some circumstances where you should increase your tip. Some are: if the salon squeezes you in at the last minute, your styling includes a shoulder massage, if you bring children along or if you are late.

Speak Your Mind


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