Why do this blog thing…?

Many people have said I should write a book, and all of them for different reasons; some good some bad.

After my wedding I swore I was going to write a book called “Wedding advice from your Stylist”, again for many reasons some good and some bad. The introduction would read something like this: If you are NOT the Bride or the Groom: IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU. Then every chapter would go on to reference this page at least once.

Telling my friend and also client (and my part time life coach – about every 8 weeks) about this, she suggested the “blog to book” idea. I looked into it, talked to a couple other advisors i.e. clients, and then forgot about it. I got busy with race season and other super fun things in my life, and once again filed all the stories away for another time.

2010 Christmas: My husband bought me a Kindle! Whoo Hoo! I have always been a book lover, and this was the perfect gift! (Here may be a look into my personality for those of you who don’t know me) the first books I downloaded:

En Route: A Paramedic’s Stories of Life, Death,
Forbidden books of the original New Testament
My Horizontal Life
and ………….. Hairapy: Highlights & Lowlights. It’s a book written by a Stylist, catchy name hu? It board me to tears, I truly did not like this book at all. So this made me decide now was the time to do this. Here I shall post funny stories about myself and maybe a few clients or situations. Let me also say here that ALL names will be changed, and I refuse to every tell anything I think might in any way hurt someone. I’m the best secret keeper in the world, and would never betray the trust of a friend or a client. Just ask my husband: when he was very smug in telling me  that our friends were going to have a baby. I smiled and told him I saw the ultra sound a month ago =)
If ANYTHING in ANY of my writings sounds like it might be about you. It’s not. I swear.

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