Life as I know it – and love it.

I don’t always answer my phone when it rings, and I’m not good at returning voicemail’s in a timely manor. I even miss a text or two… Why? I’m busy doing the good stuff I’ve been blessed with.

I used to post on Facebook what I was doing all the time, then I had a friend tell me she was exhausted just reading about my life and was afraid I was going to stroke out one day. So to help ease her fears, I don’t do a play by play anymore. I have had a few inquiries in the past month or so as to what keeps me so busy, why I look a little tired, and why I don’t answer my phone when you call. Its not you, it’s me. Honest.

I own a salon:

I do hair for a living – and I love it. I don’t sit at a desk, I stand behind a chair. I have a smart phone, It’s the only personal assistant at work I can afford for now. It takes messages, keeps my calendar and even lets me do research. My voicemail tells you that in order to get to me quickly, you can send me a text. Would you want me to put your hair cut or color on hold to answer my phone? I think it’s rude. I can read and respond to a text while I’m mixing a color or cleaning my station. If you leave me a voicemail, I need a pen and paper to write down what you need and your number. So I don’t check it until I am in a place to do so – it may be 24hrs later…. I check my email at home, so it may be first thing in the morning or last thing at night. For those of you who don’t know me that’s 10am and 2am – ish… The rest of this story goes like this – I’m a small business owner. I’m responsible for all aspects of keeping the doors open for myself and 3 more stylists. No sweat… sometimes.

 I drive a dirt track race car:

 My husband is a veteran, and I am a rookie. 2 cars to promote, sell, maintain, race and fix. I don’t get to work on my own car, and that may surprise those of you who know me and my ’69 Stang. I get to drive and learn. All other work on my car is done by family and friends, but it’s up to me to pay for it. John does almost all the work on his car himself. He has help with some things, but he makes all the decisions, and still does most of it himself. His full time job tends to get in the way, but it seems to help with paying the bills. Me, well, on Saturday afternoons April-Sept, I get to drive and learn. Oh, and sell the cars, promote the cars – and our advertisers, keep the web site and social medial up to date, take care of the motor home, food, dogs etc. All the normal behind the scenes stuff, you know. I don’t do much single handedly, and I have learned the hard way to ask for help. We have a few people who are very good at helping us do what needs to be done, and take good care of us when we need it the most.

 I produce a Car Show:

Yep I’m a girl who produces a car show. 6 years ago I was helping out a local car club with their car show. Watching a group of men argue over who had more of a say than the other, place blame anywhere other than themselves and so on. I made the comment that I could put on a show by myself, and not have to deal with any testosterone bull crap. I was laughed at, and told there was no way one women could do it alone. I will tell you again I don’t do much single handedly, I have a kick ass assistant – we call her “Mom”. I have many volunteers who have helped immensely, but Mom gets “Best of Show” every time. What do I do? Promote it, sell it, and run it. It’s up to me to find all the sponsors, promote those sponsors, Promote the show – to get the entries, order and decide on T-shirts, awards, gifts, gather gift bags and all the goodies in them – put them together, work with the promoter (of the Marion County Fair) to organize date, time and location, and of course oversee everything on the day of he show and put out fires as needed… Mom does most of the book work, handles all the entries and just holds my hand when I need it.   2011 will be my 6th year – I think I proved the old boys wrong don’t you?

I love to network:

 I use all the free social media I can, any business owner would be stupid not to. I used to volunteer for every event in the Salem/Keizer area. I am a member of Salem Business Builders (Salem’s premier networking group) and a past board member. We meet every Wednesday for lunch. I am also a member of The Salem Area Chamber of Commerce, I have sat on many committees, have been the Chair of The Ambassador Team, and starting July 1 2011 I am the Co-Chair of Greeters and will be the Chair in July 2012. The Chair and Co-Chair run the weekly networking meetings for The Salem Chamber, and has been said to be the most visible position the Chamber has. And yes, I did have to interview for it.

I’m a great wife, but just a so-so housekeeper:

All the normal everyday stuff, cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, taking care of the dogs and my flowers. I show my roses at County Fair every year, and I make my husbands lunch every day. I love gardening more than I like vacuuming, and it shows. I have more than one junk drawer, and my home office could be called my junk room. My husband is truly my best friend, and for now my dogs are my kids. We all live next door to my Mom, and that’s a bonus. We help her out with many things, and she does a great job of taking care of herself. The Hubby leaves for work early, and get’s home just a few hours after I have left for the salon or a meeting. Some nights we only have a couple hours together before he heads off to bed. I love to read, and I also sell Scentsy, so I squeeze them in when I can.

As you can see I have a couple things going on most every day. So if I don’t want to talk on the phone or I don’t show up for a night out, I hope you will understand. It’s not you, it’s me. Honest.


  1. your texas bestie says

    Wow…this has seriously got me thinking. Which we all know how thinking can geget me in trouble an of course create for work for myself..however from reading this I can certainly relate an should manage my time I type sittin on the plane headed on vacation…oregon of all places an hope to see you, my bestie an inspiration to me

  2. Nice blog! Great outlook on life, too. I finally spotted your salon, I drive right my it every third Monday for SAR meetings at the Sheriff’s office. Love watchin y’all race, hope I can FINALLY get there this Saturday!

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