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Put YOUR name and/or business on this race car for as little as $300 for a FULL YEAR!!!

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What J. Lightnin’ Racing can do for you….

Few spectator sports in the world today pack the excitement and thrills of auto racing! The close action of cars going door to door, bumper to bumper at top speeds brings excitement to thousands every week.

What draws a spectator to a racing event? Is it the speed, thrills, glory, excitement, association with a driver, team or sponsor, the noise, colors or smell? Who knows? The point being that racing draws spectators by the thousand’s, and it is a great opportunity to get them interested in your company. At a given race event, you can see from 3000 to 5000 spectators. In one year, across the country, approximately 58 million people will attend a racing event. Sports Illustrated recently confirmed that Auto Racing is now the number one attended sporting event in the United States. The popularity of Short Track racing is steadily increasing as well as the amount of its exposure. (As in local cable TV coverage) Dirt track racing is now on the Speed Cannel!

Willamette Speedway is a 1/3rd mile clay dirt track located in Lebanon, Oregon. The tracks racing season starts in April and runs throughout September. Each Saturday Night over1000 spectators per race come from all parts of the state to watch over 100 cars compete for championship points in the Sportsman, Super Sport Late Model and Outlaw Dirt Late Models divisions. Willamette has the largest number of Dirt Late Models in the western states (Denver to the coast and Arizona to the Canadian border).  Most Holiday weekends have Saturday and Sunday night racing. Willamette Speedway is also the home track for the touring Bud I-5 Dirt Late Model series, and features four NST Sprint Car Series Events in 2006 plus Tuff Trucks, Trash Cars & Kart Racing.

The most exciting, most complete form of advertising is available to YOUR BUSINESS through J. Lightnin’ Racing. Another important factor with Auto Racing is the loyalty shown by racing fans and participants of racing, to their sponsors and their products.

From John’s appearance at your companies site and the public address system at the race track, as well as all the attention that a race car draws on the way to the race track every week, your company will constantly be in the publics eye.

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